Atlantis Water Park

Atlantis Water Park is a truly amazing experience! For water park enthusiasts of all ages it has to be one of the seven wonders of the world. Put this one on your bucket list!

We just returned from a week long stay at Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

atlantis paradise island bahamas

The absolute highlight for the kids (actually for us adults too!) was the water park. What a blast!

Atlantis boasts over 141 acres of slides, pools and water rides. From the relaxing easy-going "Lazy River" to the heart stopping exhilaration of the 60 foot drop "Leap of Faith" in the Mayan temple - there is something for everyone in the family!

Atlantis Water Park River Rides

I like to start off slow so my first ride was "The Lazy River". Grab a float, lie back, and enjoy the ride. There are even double floats for two - parent and child, two kids, or a romantic couple!

atlantis lazy river paradise island

As you drift by palm trees, you enjoy the gentle waves as you meander along the man-made river. It has enough excitement due to some quick turns and waterfalls - but is tame enough for most kids of school age and up.

lazy river water park  ride at atlantis bahamas

Being the ever cautious parent, I was always along for the ride with my little ones while the teens took off with Dad to enjoy the heart stopping water slide rides.

Its a busy place without lifeguards so of course near water you need to be alert to keeping an eye on everyone.

One of the best things about the Lazy River was that it forms a complete circle and drops you right back off where you started! This is the absolute luxury for the ultimate lazy rider (myself LOL). A conveyor belt system carries you and your float up to the top to start again. I could have floated all day!

Atlantis Water Park Slides - from tame to thrilling!

The teens in our group couldn't wait to head out to the slides.

There are so many slides at Atlantis that you really need to be there for a few days minimum to enjoy them all fully.

And you definitely need a map the first while to find your way around. Remember there are 141 acres of water features!

atlantis water park buildings

The water slides at the Atlantis water park are hidden inside magnificent buildings purpose built for water fun! At times you feel like you are entering into an ancient adventure in a lost civilization. (you know finding the lost city of Atlantis!)

You sort of feel like you could be starring in the movie "Raiders of the Lost Arc"! (ok well I did anyway).

One of our kids favorites was called the "Leap of Faith" in the Mayan Temple.

atlantis water park leap of faith slide

Oh my gosh!! This baby has a 60 foot almost vertical drop. We videotaped a few people coming down this slide and I will post the link to the video soon. We had to tape several different people going down the slide as they go so fast you can't see who it is!

Needless to say the thrill seekers in our family loved this slide!

Other slides take you through twists and turns in the dark, only to shoot you through shark infested waters! (you are safely inside the clear walls of the water slide of course!)

The Atlantis resort in Paradise Island Bahamas is packed with activities and fun for the whole family! One of our family's personal favorites was this outdoor water adventureland!

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